How to make OOAK Iridescent Tranparency Fairy Wings

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How to make OOAK Iridescent Acetate / Transparency Fairy Wings TUTORIAL!

Please note ~ for the full step by step picture tutorial, please visit my website where it is completely free to download

I am afraid I no longer have all the original photographs needed to include in this Ebay Guide.

First Gather your equipment together

Equipment needed:

OHP Transparency paper for your printer. Make sure you buy the correct paper for your printer!

Iridescent Wing Film

Craft Spray Adhesive

Sharp scissors or craft knife


Glue for attaching the wire ~ Fabri-Tac or Appliglue are great glues for this!


Glitter, sequins, micro beads, rhinestones or any other pretty embellishments you wish to add

First print off your desired wing pattersn onto the transparency paper (use the rough side for printing on)

DON'T TOUCH THEM! Let the ink dry for at least 10 minutes otherwise you will smudge your wings.

Roughly cut out your wings.

Cut some iridescent wing film to the same size as the wings you will be making.

Lay down protective paper on your work surface ~ the glue gets everywhere!

Lightly spray the rough side of the paper (the side the image is printed on) with spray adhesive.

Wait 10 - 20 seconds until the glue is tacky.

Then carefully lay the film over the wings, smoothing out any air bubbles as you go. Press down hard! You want the film to stick really well.

Then cut out your wings!

You will see how lovely and transparent they are.

Now you can decorate your wings however you wish! I favour iridescent glitter  ^_~

This is also the time you could add a coat of liquid fimo or sculpey on your wings and bake for added protection, however, this is personal choice.

The great thing about these types of wings is that you can really go to town with your experiments!

Then all that is needed is to attach your wire to the back of your wings and they are ready to use.

I use lots of pretty metal embellishments as a finishing touch to my wings ~ I get a lot of questions from people asking where I get them from. I don't have one particular source! I just rummage around in my supplies to see what I have ^_^

PLEASE NOTE ~ I attach these final touches AFTER I have attached my wire.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful!


Robin x

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