How to make OOAK rainbow iridescent Fairy Wings

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How to make OOAK Rainbow Iridescent Fairy Wings TUTORIAL!

Please note ~ for the full step by step picture tutorial, please visit my website where it is completely free to download

I am afraid I no longer have all the original photographs needed to include in this Ebay Guide.

Equipment needed:

Fantasy Film / Angelina Wing Film



White Tacky PVA glue


Heat / Embossing Gun


Joss Sticks (Insense sticks)


Form the wing frame using wire and twist together at the ends. Don't forget to leave enough wire to attach your wings to your fairy!

The wing skeleton can be as simple or as complicated as you like.

Wings can come in all shapes and sizes ~ the only limit is your imagination!

Cut 2 pieces of Fantasy Film to the size of your wing, leaving plenty of excess as the film will shrink when heated.

Very lightly smear some white tacky PVA glue along your wires ~ not too much! Just enough to lightly hold the fantasy film in place.

Lay your wire on top of one piece of the film and then sandwich the wires with the second piece.

Gently place your wing under a heavy book until the glue dries.

Place your wing on a heat resistant surface and heat for a few seconds using your embossing gun. The film will rapidly shrink and tighten over your wire frame.

Turn your wing over and repeat on the back until there is a firm seal around the wire.

Cut around your wing to the shape that you want it, leaving a good excess around the outside edge of your wire.

Light your candle and very carefully melt all the edges to seal them.

BE CAREFUL! The film will melt quickly and you don't want to set your wing on fire!

Now for the fun part!

To make the holes, light your joss stick and hold it near your wing.

You don't need to touch the wing, just hold it beneath.

You can use your joss stick to burn controlled holes and ragged edges ~ it is just like drawing!

Once you are happy with how your wings look, twist together all the wing parts and attach to your fairy!

You can also add glitter, micro beads or even little rhinestones to your wings.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful!

Good luck and have fun!


Robin x


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