How to make Sloe Gin

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Equipment needed

Airtight glass jar or container (1.5-2ltr capacity)
450g sloe berries (easily found in sept and October in hedgerows - pictured)
225g caster sugar
1 litre Gin


Place washed sloe berries overnight in a container. Remove and defrost the next day. This freezing and defrosting splits the thick skin if the berry.  Alternative is to make a pin prick in each of the berries! Wash the jar. Place sugar and berries in jar and mix. Add Gin and stir. Place airtight lid on and leave in cool dark place.  Shake to mix every other day for one month then leave alone for at least 1 month, preferably 2.  Taste. If more sugar is required, add 1 tablespoon per day and shake in solution (once lid replaced) until sweetness required is achieved.  Filter out berries as they will continue to ferment if you don't remove, using a coffee paper filter or muslin and rebottle into a bottle / bottles. I make this every year for Christmas and to give to friends as a Christmas present. Enjoy but be warned it can very potent stuff! 

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