How to make Turkish Coffee?

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Turkish Coffee
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Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee Recipe

Preparing Turkish coffee is actually much easier and enjoyable than you think. First of all, let's take a look at what you will need to cook for this wonderful coffee:

Coffee Supplies

1 - Ground Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is prepared from the finest coffee beans ground coffee from all over the world. If you want, you can ground your coffee bean with a simple hand mill at home. Or if you say it's not worth it, you can purchase Turkish coffee packets as grounded.
2 - Coffee Pot

Traditionally Turkish coffee is cooked in a copper pot and it is considered to be more flavorful. But you can cook your coffee with any other coffee pot (aluminum, steel, etc.)
3 - Sugar (on request)

According to how you want to drink your Turkish coffee, you can add sugar or some other flavor (cinnamon, chocolate, cardamom, etc.). According to this you can have 3 options which are; black coffee (no sugar), medium sugar, coffee, or coffee with sugar.
How To Prepare Turkish Coffee?

According to the classic definition of Turkish coffee, there are six steps that you should follow while making Turkish coffee:
Step 1

First of all, put cups of cold water to the pot according to how much cups of coffee you are planning to cook. The water must be cold and with high quality (if possible, do not use tap water, chlorine will ruin the taste), these are important for making delicious coffee.
Step 2

It's time to add sugar to your pot if you want. To make coffee with sugar, add 2 teaspoons of sugar or 2 pieces.
Step 3

Now it's time to add coffee. For each cup put 2 teaspoon of coffee (approximately 5 grams) and gently mix all the ingredients.
Step 4

Start to warm up your coffee over low heat. Be very careful, because the coffee can overflow from the pot at a time! After that, it can be troublesome to clean the stove! :) While cooking the coffee, it’s up to your style to mix it or not. Both is optional.
Step 5

While the coffee churns as light, with a spoon take the foam that accumulates on and share it to the cups. Export and import this foam to cups and repeat it 3 times. Finally pour the coffee into cups. Remember, you should never fully stirred the coffee. Otherwise the fatty acids in the coffee would evaporate and you'll get a cruel and tasteless coffee.
Step 6

Yes, that was it! You have already made a delicious and foamy Turkish coffee... Now you can sit and drink your coffee with the taste of the mouth. And before I forget, it is from tradition that water will be served with coffee: this water is drank before the coffee to erase the other tastes in the mouth and the taste of the coffee will be achieved more!

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