How to make a CD Envelope Book

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Get creative & turn your CD envelopes into charming mini books, CD storage, photo albums, reminder books or anything else you can think of! This guide lists what you'll need to make one & how to put it together. I'd advise that you read the instructions through in full before you start.

You'll need:


  • 2 pieces of 6x6 co-ordinating card
  • 4 pieces of 6x6 co-ordinating paper
  • 5 paper CD envelopes (this number is just a guide, but too many will make the book too bulky)
  • 2 metal book rings
  • double sided adhesive
  • scissors or paper trimmer
  • hole making tool, eg. crop-a-dile or eyelet setter
  • scoring tool

Optional Items for Decoration

  • inks, chalks, paints or crayons
  • rubber stamps
  • peel offs
  • mini clips, clasps, paper clips, etc.
  • ribbons, fibres.........the list is endless! Just use your imagination!


1. Ensure all the envelope flaps are open, as these will form the spine of the book. With the window of each envelope facing you (& with the flap on the left), fold the flap in half lengthways towards you. You may find it easier to score this crease 1st. Re-open this fold on each envelope.

2. Decorate each envelope (front & back, but not over the window) with paper and/or ink, or experiment with chalks, paints, crayons, stamped images, peel-offs, etc. If you are planning on storing CDs in the book, then don't make the back of each envelope too dark, in case you wish to list the tracks there. Leave to dry where necessary. Don't get the envelopes too wet with ink/paint as they will lose their strength.

3. Select the order you wish your envelopes to appear as "pages" in the book. Stick a length of double-sided tape to the back of the folded flap you created in step 1 (the spine) on all the envelopes (this is also the envelopes original sticky bit). You're now going to stick the "pages" together. Remove the tape backing from the flap on page 1 & stick this to page 2 (ie. stick the back of page 1's flap to the front of page 2's flap). Repeat with the other pages, but don't yet remove the backing from page 5's flap. Your book is now taking shape! Fold the spine flap backwards & forwards a few times as this will aid the page opening once your book is in use.

4. The 2 pieces of 6x6 card will form the book covers. Trim to size - they need to be slightly larger than the pages you've just created & stuck together - & decorate. Line the front cover up with the spine & work out where it will need to be creased so that it can fold open easily - this should be in line with the folds you created in step 1, then stuck together in step 3. Create this crease in the front cover & fold backwards & forwards a few times.

5. Remove the backing tape from the page 5 flap & stick this to the inside of the back cover (the flap should be on the left). Stick tape to the front of the page 1 flap & stick this to the inside of the flap on the front cover.

6. Punch 2 holes in the flap for the 2 book rings. Add clips, fibres or any other chosen embellishment as decoration. CDs, photos, notes, etc. can now be stored in each page by sliding them in from the back.

Here's some pictures of a mini book I created:

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