How to make a brew!

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 The "Tea and biccies and putting the world to rights" Guide

Recommended for two folk!

  1. Boil a kettle of fresh water
  2. Arrange an assortment of biccies and/or cakes onto a small plate (rich teas if you are a poor student, apple turnovers if rich!) or just rip the packet open any old how!
  3. Select two mugs (no one uses teapots any more!)or a dainty china mug if you are someones nana
  4. Pop a teabag in each mug or cup
  5. Pour boiled water on top of teabags until mugs are approx 3/4 full
  6. Beat teabags to death with teaspoon! Ouch
  7. Add sugar or milk as preffered and stir with said teaspoon
  8. Add a friend/parent/child/a.n.other to drink mug #2
  9. Dunk biccies or eat gooey cake together with the tea! Or sip the tea if preferred on its own!
  10. Enjoy the perfect brew for two and put the world to rights! For 5 mins...

p.s works equally well with herbal teas and/or coffee....

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