How to make a expensive looking Bead Necklace

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How To Make a Beaded Necklace. This is something everyone start  when the necklace you wanted was way too expensive to afford. If this is your position, let me tell you all those expensive necklaces are made from beads available to you on eBay and online, its just you need to know how to make it the right way, so I wish to write a guide to help people make those expensive necklaces at home and save loads and loads of money, but make no compromise on the looks.


        • Check that you have sufficient beads, thread, tiger tail or thonging and the correct findings before you start your project.

        • Lay out all of your materials so that they are easily accessible.

        • Ensure you are working on a flat surface.

        • Always work over a tray with sides or on a plate, to catch any dropped beads.

First take a close look at it and decided to try and re-create it.

1. First choose your colour palette. Blues? Reds? Greens? Purples? Whatever.

2. Get about 2-3 sizes of Glass beads in that colour palette in three colors. Example for blues, it would be like small navy blue, medium turquoise, aqua marine blues and large Royal blue. For reds, magenta, bright red, Ruby Red and burgundy works well. You can get beads at our eBay store or any craft shop.

3. Get craft wire and a matching ribbon to your beads.

4. If you love multi-strand necklaces, so cut 3 pieces of craft wire and tie a knot at the end of each. Then string the beads on each one. There are several patterns you can follow:

String 1: Big bead, big bead, big bead, etc +
String 2: Small bead, small bead, etc +
String 3: Medium bead, etc


String 1: Big bead, small bead, med bead, etc +
String 2: Big bead, small bead, med bead, etc +
String 3: Big bead, small bead, med bead, etc

So that you have three strings of beads the length of a necklace.

5. What you have to do now is tie a big piece of ribbon around the ends of the strings so that I can tie the necklace on and off rather than try and fiddle with a clasp.

Hints & Tips
When using head or eye pins- if your feature bead slips over the base or eye of the pin use a Rocaille bead to keep it in place.

A small blob of clear nail polish will secure knots and can also be used to stiffen thread so you can pass it through a needle easier

Use the same colour bead in different shapes or textures to add interest to projects.

Experiment with two or three different lengths attached at both ends to create.

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