How to make a homemade fruity WINE

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Here are a couple recipes for homemade wine:


One of the most delightful of all flower wines. The petals of roses of
various colors may be used in one lot of wine, but if you have enough of, say, both red
and yellow for a separate lot of each, do keep them separate. 3 qts. rose petals (strongly
scented if possible), 1 gal. water, 3 lb. sugar, 1 oz. yeast, 2 lemons. Pour half a gallon
of boiling water over the petals in the fermenting vessel, cover well and leave for forty-
eight hours, stirring often. Boil half the sugar in a quart of water for two minutes and
when this is cool add to the petal mixture and ferment for three days. Strain and wring
out well, and return the liquor to the fermenting vessel and let it ferment for a further
ten days. Pour the liquor into a gallon jar, leaving as much of the deposit behind as you
can. Then boil the rest of the sugar and water as before and when cool add to the rest
together with the juice of the lemons. Cover again as directed or fit fermentation lock
and leave until all fermentation has ceased.


 This is a really delightful pale gold wine that most people like as a
dry wine. See 'Low-Alcohol Wines for the Ladies'. 6 lb. dried apricots, w oranges, 3 1/2
lb. sugar, 9 pts. water, 1 oz. yeast, 1 tablespoonful of freshly made tea. Put the
apricots in the fermenting vessel with the cut-up oranges and their peel. Fold the orange
peel and squeeze to get as much oil out of it as you can. Boil two pounds of sugar in
seven pints of water for two minutes and pour over the fruits while still boiling. Allow
to cool and add the yeast. Cover as directed and ferment for ten days, crushing by hand
each day and covering again at once. After ten days, strain and wring out as dry as you
can an put the strained liquor in the gallon jar. Boil the remaining sugar in the last two
pints of water for two minutes and when cool add to the rest, and then add the tea. Cover
as directed or fit fermentation lock and leave until all fermentation has ceased.


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