How to make a little extra money or amazon vouchers

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There are lots and lots of different websites that allow you to make a bit of extra cash or to earn vouchers for websites like amazon, paypal, asos, groupon, starbucks and many others.  I will be writing about some of the ways to take advantage of these. 

For each one, they have their specialist tasks for you to complete, some are surveys, some are watching videos, some are even about playing games!  But if you do them together it is possible to get quite a lot of extra cash or vouchers.

I generally have them all open in different tabs and do as little or as much as I have time for each day.  Each site has it’s own easy tasks to complete.  Some have it in the form of games, others as a search and some as polls.  These easy every day tasks should be the minimum you do each day.  If you have more time than complete some of the surveys or web offers and tasks (this is where you will earn the big points and not always with a lot of effort!)

With my favourite one you can even earn points while having a radio open in a different tab (just keep your computer on mute if you don't want to listen to it.)  It allows you redeem you points into vouchers 100 points =$1, 160 points =£1.  Once you have enough points to redeem you receive your voucher instantly so you don't need to wait around.

I find that it can be useful to have an extra facebook, twitter and email account if you want to be committed to money making, as there are many tasks that earn you points by signing up or using facebook or twitter and you don't want your actual accounts cluttered with this.  
There are also apps that you can have on your phone to help you with your money making, some involve watching videos and other need you to do tasks or download other apps.  Be careful when doing these that you do not go over your data limit.

If you would like more information on this website and others then please contact me and I will be happy to help you (it won't allow me to add links on here) My advice is to then work your way down the list as they are in order of money earning, so you may find it best to start off with one until you feel happy with it and then add the second one on the list on a new tab.
Good luck with the money making and let me know if there is anything else I can help you with  then please get in touch. J

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