How to make dread extensions!

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Right? So you have seen all those fantastic hairpeices on eBay to can buy, but there is never one exactly how you like it and you fancy cutting costs and making your own! But where do you start? What do you need?
- A hairdryer (or steam gun for the professional)
-100% Kanekalon (heat shrinkable) synthetic hair ( available on eBay for a couple of quid, one bad will make about 10 dreads)
-Lace or an elastric band to bind the dreads too
-Small comb (the ones with no handle which cost about 35p)

First things first, the set up. You need something to tie/hook your lace or hair band too. Somewhere you can sit comfortably and possibly watch the telly too. Unpack the synthetic hair ad seperate into 10 even parts and place them carefully over a rail of somesort (or the back on a chair). Take the first section and thread it through the hairband or loop over if it is lace. Make sure the hairband or lace are in the middle of the section and both sides are even. Start to braid the peice of syntheitc hair onto the band or lace to secure it. Now, some people use a glue gun and glue this in place. Personally, get out your hairdryer and blast it to seal.
Once you have your first strand of synth hair on your band or lace, gently back comb whilst twisting the entire strand. You will need to back comb the enitre length of the hair so it looks like a big fuzzy mess. Then twist the mess and rub with your hands along the length of the dread, be quite vigorous. Once it is starting to look a little dready, twist into a tight dread and blast with your hair dryer or steam gun.

-Safety Point: Watch yourself with a steam gun, its unforgiving but also your hair dryer can get hot too so wear gloves or be very careful.

When using a hair dryer be careful not to burn the hair, run the heat up and down the dread to seal it. Once finished, trim the end of your dreads.

The more you tease the shorter the dreads will become and the tighter they will be.

A good hairpeice will have 20-30 dreads depending on how much hair you have to cover. You can go manic with your dreads adding in wire, plastic tubing and beads, everything you need is available here on eBay!

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