How to make frosty jar candle holders

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You can add a little bit of the snowy Christmas feel by creating these tea light candle holders from used jam, pickle etc jars. 

You will need glass jars (from jam, pickles etc, different sizes are even better, labels removed), PVA glue (I used approximately 50 ml, Mod Podge can be used instead of glue), epsom or coarse salt (I used coarse, but epsom would  smell nice, when candles lit and it would give a different look- tidier), some silver glitter (can be any color of your choice, but it will not look as white then), paint brush, window snowflake stickers (optional).

Mix salts with glitter, pour it in a paper plate. I started by putting window snowflake stickers on jars, but you can leave the jars plain. Cover half of the jar in length ways with glue, roll it in salt and glitter mix. (I tried mixing glue with water on first try, but salts did not stick as good). Leave it to dry (I waited for 24 h). Repeat with the other half. Light up the tea light candles and lower them in the jars. You can add ribbon around the top of the jar for finished look. 

Here are some supplies on Ebay:

Cheap glue

Epsom salts

Mod podge
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