How to make items sell, what to look for when you buy.

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If you are new to e-bay then first I like to say welcome to e-bay and have a nice time using it.

This guide will help you to buy goods as well as to sell them so lets have a look at buying ideas first.

Anytime I buy a item I look at there feedback to see how good they are at selling.  Read what people have said and most will have Great e-bay seller, fast at posting items.  This shows he or she does care and helps you pick the right seller.  Also take a look at there description more on that in the selling part.  Next always take a look at the postal cost.  Lets say someone is trying to sale rechangeer batterys and they are in a pack of 4 and they sell them for 1.00.  Now the price sound good but wait as I always check the postal price.  So I see he would like £5 for sending them.  He is making too much profit.  £5 to send a set of batterys when it only would cost me £2.50 to send it out to anyone.  Lets see how it works, three stamps £1.20p, one bubble bug £1, profit made 30p.  But profit must be made by any seller as he or she can't make more business and they go under.  So for batterys don't pay more then £2.50 and that also goes for one tape, CD or DVD. 

Now one day you may like to sell things on here so how do you go about it.  Well first you need to buy some items and get your feedback working for you.  More on feedback soon.  But I started selling items when I had a feedback of 10 and made mistakes along the way.  Lets say you want to sell the DVD of the Wizard of Oz but what ever it is then you need to do the following.

Lets start with showing you a description of the DVD we are going to try to sell.


The Wizard of OZ

Now why is it when I am looking for a item they never brother to give it a good description of the DVD, here is what I mean.

Description 2

The Wizard of OZ "Well on the Wizard of OZ was based on L Frank Baums treasured book serie.  Its about a girl called Dorothy who is pleyed by Judy Garland who goes into the the the land of Oz.  In this new land she meets up with a scarecrow played by Ray Bolger and a tin man played by Jack Haley.  Dorothy also meets a cowardly lion played by Ber Lahr.  Dorothy travels though this new land meeting theses people to get some things off the Wizard of Oz.  Dorothy will meet two witchs one the good witch of the north and the bad witch of the west.  Film runs for 98 mins or 1 hour 38 mins approx.  The DVD is a Pal 2, dolby digital.  Languages are English, French, Italian".

The Description number 2 is showing what the film is about and how long it will run for.  But also put down the languages it covers, subtitles, hearing impaired, Colour or black or white.  Its also shows to people you take the time to show what the item is and what it does.  Also say that you will answer any questions that someone may have.  That way you can add that information on so anyone else looking at it can see it. 

If you do make a big mistake and you have said that the item is a DVD and its a tape send the person there money back.

I  always send a e-mail saying the item will be sent out the next day this way if you have made that mistake then the person can maybe say to you they don't what it.  Then if there was a mistake you can send the money back there Paypal.

Always make a paypal account up as they you do have some way of getting you money back.  Also talk to your seller if the item has not arrive within 5 days as if they are that good they will e-mail you to let you know it's in the post.  Again e-mailing people shows them you are good at selling things and lets them know it is on its way.  The item may be for there mother, brother or sister birthday as a gift and they may need it by the weekend.  Now talking about post you need to make sure you put down the right post for the item.  If you are selling batterys, CDs, DVDs, or Games for computers then about £2.50 is about right.  You will make a bit of profit to put into getting more things.  But if you do find say a old game of Monoploy and it put on then let it go all over the world.  You can change the top price for post as you can say if you find out its wrong a refund will be gived. 


Feedback is the area where you get to say what happen.  Try to give good feedback unless of course he or she has not done a good job.  Bad feedback sould only be giver in very bad things like not e-mailing you back.  But do think the person may of had to go to the hosipal and if that is the case make it sound good.  But this feedback is going to let others know what to look out for so be honest about it.   

Last thing is that if you do have a question to ask a seller then ask it and make it into something the seller can read.  So don't put.

Wht is the pr of pos for the ti

Questions sould go with some thought :

What is the price of the posted in the USA.

No short words like "How much do u post."

Make it "How much do you post in the USA"

Bye for now dhora123

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