How to make jewellery with Fimo

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Making jewellery with Fimo is very easy.First of all, what is Fimo? It's a polymer clay that is sold in most craft shops and it comes in loads of different colours.It is baked in a normal oven for 20 minutes at 130 degrees after which it will be rock hard and ready to be varnished if you choose.

What you will need for a necklace.

1/ a pack of Fimo

2/  embroidery thread in a blend of colours eg. light and dark shades of the same colour, or a skein of rainbow colours.

3  /a container - a  jam jar will do - with a mixture of 8 parts water and 2 parts PVA glue,carpenters wood glue will do, the kind that is white and dries to colourless.

4/  jewellery wire, silver wire that is usually sold in a reel like cotton.,a jewellery clasp and a few jump rings,  2 jewellery caps, these look like little mini cones.  Any search on ebay under "jewellery findings "will come up with plenty of these, jewellery pliers, try a local market or a pound shop for these.

5/  A few  assorted beads and sparkly glass rods.

6/  A measuring stick .  This is a piece of wood about 22 inches long with a 4mm hole at each end, the holes can be drilled to the length that you want the necklace to be.  I like mine to be 16 to 18 inches long so the holes are 16 to 18 inches apart. 2 pieces of  4mm  dowelling about 3 inches long.

Take your glue mixture and give it a good shake, then take your embroidery thread and immerse it in the glue .I suggest that you wear rubber gloves for this and do it in the backyard or over the bath as it's messy.Shake the thread around so that it is fully soaked, then remove it from the jar, shake off the drips and put it to dry overnight. Meanwhile take a piece of Fimo about three quarters of an inch square and roll it out with a rolling pin or a round bottle if you don't have a rolling pin., roll it around a piece of dowelling, neaten off the edges, push in a few glass rods and beads for decoration and ease it off the dowelling, keeping its shape.Place it in the oven at 130 degrees for 15 minutes or whatever timing it says on the label. When it  comes out it will be hard when cooled. Now go back to the embroidery thread .Wind  it around each end of the dowelling in the measuring stick and secure each end with cotton to keep it together. Remove it from the stick and twist it around like a skein of wool .Take a length of wire about 3 inches long and twist it around each end of the skein where the cotton was, leaving  an inch or so protruding .Take the hardened Fimo and slip it over the protruding wire and thus over the thread. Take a cap and place it over the end of the thread with the wire poking through .Next take a jump ring and thread the wire through it pushing the ends of the wire back through the cap so that it doesn't show or scratch anyone who wears the necklace.Attatch the clasp to the jump ring with pliers then close it up.(if you want to you may leave out the jump ring and attatch the fastener directly on to the wire)    Hey Presto, you're done.

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