How to make sure the item your purchasing is genuine!

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As a regular eBay user i find that eBay is a great place the find great stuff for  cheaper and provides alternative options for the products i want to get my hands on. Im sure nearly all eBay users would of faced a problem of wondering if the item they want is genuine or not. Nearly a year ago i was looking on eBay for make up brushes as most of them was listed from abroad i was convinced that would take forever to arrive therefore  decided to stop searching, just as i was about to stop looking one item was brought to my attention. This was a well known makeup brand that did great brushes and this set had 10 brushes in the bag and looked great and best of all was listed from the UK. Soon i realised this item was available for bidding only so i started bidding day 1 i didn't win day 2 someone else won the bid last second day 3 even before i started bidding the price was up the roof so didn't even bother. This really made me think this item was genuine as it had so much demand. Finally i won a bid and the item arrived several days later. When i opened the package  straight away the packaging of the brushes made me think if this was genuine or not,  and the brushes writing also looked very dodgy but i thought, hey paying 15 pounds i cant complain.  After washing the brushes they seemed very hard especially when i was using them and they actually irritated my skin.  Im sure everyone will be saying you cant complain paying £15 but i genuinely thought they were real when i ordered them, after couple of weeks the brushes started braking and obviously i couldn't use any of them.This clearly   shows that the price of an item really does reflect to it being genuine or not especially if they are suggesting it is brand new. If the product is genuine why would they sell it for £10 when its worth £50?  As everyone would like to make a profit of their sales this sadly is not possible. To all eBay users that purchase cosmetics or cosmetic accessories online be careful as these things go on your skin and if it contains anything   bad it can cause long term damage. If the price is too cheap and if it is too good to be true please stay away and look for other alternatives as it can have long term effects. 
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