How to make sure you get the cheapest Buy it now price

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A quick guide as to what to do.

This is a very simple guide but an important one as I am amazed at how many people still do not know how to make sure they are getting the best price when searching through Ebay. I know a lot of people forget to take the postage into account and can end up spending more as this is a trick adopted by sellers to get more money out of you and take make their item appear cheaper.

So lets say you want to say a mobile phone and have got your heart set on a Samsung galaxy S 4 (I am using this just as an example and can be anything). Type in exactly what you want in the search bar. The search bar will drop down and let you be more specific and choose a category but don't do this just stay with your original search. This will bring up some irrelevant items but sometimes people do put their items in the wrong category which means less people see them and you can get them cheaper!

Once your search results have come up go to the "SORT" drop down menu which is up near the top and to the right. Click the arrow and then choose " Price + P&P: lowest first"

Then click the "Buy it Now" button and you will be presented with the cheapest option at the top.

Now with the example I have given there will more than likely be 100's of items before you actually get to the phone you want as there will be cases, memory cards, and you dont want to look through all of them so what you need to do next with an item like this is go to the left hand menu and scroll down to "Price". Put in a lower price which you think will get rid of all the cheaper items but be low enough you will not miss a bargain.

I hope this helps you find a bargain!

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