How to make sure you're getting real leather

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Type 'leather bag'  into ebay and over half are bound to be artificial leather, which I think is nothing like as good as real, and its easy to get duped by people who put 'leather bag' in their item title when the bag is actually made of pu,pvc or the like.Sometimes they don't even bother telling you its fake leather in the listing.I want ebay to crack down on this as in my view its pretty bad to advertise a product falsely.

Also 'patent leather' is NOT a by word for fake leather,nor is it fine to advertise a cheap shiney pu bag as 'patent leather' which is a gorgeous type of highly polished leather.This exchange I actually had with one seller

'Hi is this real leather? thanks xxx'

'Yes it is patent style leather'

that sounded a bit ambiguous so I asked again if it was REAL patent leather

'patent leather isnt real leather its patent. leather is leather patent is patent' I couldnt believe people would be so ignorant ..

Suede is also a kind of real leather for anyone as thick as the above example,it is the other side of the skin to normal leather, fake suede is still very nasty stuff so im sure you'll be able to tell when touching it but don't wait until then!

A good idea, if you are a fan of real leather like me, is to exclude words from your search,like put leather bag -fake -effect -pu -pvc -imitation -artificial

and always ASK the seller if you're not sure, and feel free to leave negative feedback if they lie to you

Good Luck!
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