How to make the leap from cardmaking to scrapbooking.

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Some people are frightened of 'scrapbooking'.

The word conjures images of a Stepford Wife in frilly pinny carefully cutting out beautiful images & assembling them into a scrapbook album giving you a view into their perfect life & their perfect marriage & their perfect children etc etc

Guess what? Scrapbooking (in any size, shape or form) is just like making a card. Just bigger. 

Some people will tell you all about the rule of thirds, matting, white space and so on. 

Guess what? There really are NO rules. The important thing is to get the thing done & live your life.

Just do it!

Don't keep putting it off because it might not be perfect (it won't be)

Scrap only the good times or include the darker moments? It's really up to you. You can use your scrapbooks & journals in any way you like. Catharsis over losing a loved one or just a travel journal for you to look back on a great holiday.

It can be an outlet for your artistic side or more simply a photographic documentation of your life.

Where to start? At the beginning & work forward? From now & work backwards? Again there are no rules. I would say maybe pick something that has made you happy & scrapbook that first. With a lot of scrapbooks these days it's easy to swap pages around, so do whatever you want in whatever order you want.

But just do it!

People ask what kind of crafter I am, a scrapbooker or cardmaker? Why do I have to choose? Why is one better than the other?

I am a papercrafter, jewellerymaker, mixed media dabbler, knitter, crocheter. All of the above (sometimes none of the above).

Be whatever you want to be. Use whatever technique across whatever medium you like. Do what makes you happy. 

But just do it!

*I wrote this ebay guide as part of a campaign for BzzAgent

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