How to make the most money out of your auctions timing

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There is the old saying that timing is everything and that couldn’t be more true than selling with Ebay. In this case, were talking about strategic timing - and in particular two critical factors in selling through an auction. The first is the length of the auction, and the second is timing when the auction will end. Let’s begin first with deciding how long an auction should run… Typically, the first step in an auction that many sellers forget is timing the end of the auction to coincide with key selling days on Ebay. Your starting day determines your ending day and that is something you need to take into consideration when posting your auction. Experts agree that a seven day auction is best. The primary reason for the longer auction is to attract more attention and viewers to what you are selling. Some might argue that a shorter auction is more appropriate for today’s short attention span buyer, but typically, a longer auction will gain more watchers and ultimately a higher selling price. In addition, a 7 day auction spans the entire week including the prime viewing weekend zone where traffic can increase dramatically. Typically, Sunday is considered the best day to end an auction followed closed by Saturday and then Friday. Most sellers also agree that ending an auction on a holiday is a bad idea. Perhaps thought the most important timing factor of an auction is the actual time that is does end. You should shoot for auctions that end between 10 and midnight Eastern US time. This makes it between 8 and 10 Mountain and 7 and 9 on the West coast. The Eastern sea board represents the greatest concentration of buyers and the period between 10 and 12 is the best solution to optimize their viewing ( and bidding ) while still being effective in the other time zones. Have you ever been up at 3 or 4 in the morning and seen all the auctions closing - this is a great time to get bargains because most people are in bed - but a terrible time to end your auction for the same reason. This time strategy makes it more difficult for sellers in Europe to key their ending times to US time zones, but is essential for receiving top dollar on your auctions. The Conclusion: Start your 7 day auction on at 9 pm Eastern standard time. This way the auction will go through the entire week cycle and end at the same time you started it. If you have a five day auction, start it on Tuesday at 9 pm and a 3 Day auction should start on Thursday night. Good luck & Happy selling

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