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So I moved home last year and in our desperation for a bigger house we took what was available. This happened to be a lovely 3 storey house in the midle of a really unpopular estate. When we arrived there were screws sticking out of the walls, black smears in the hallways from years of dirty hands broken door handles and well, you get the picture.

The worst out of all of this were the toilets. Both toilets covered in decades of limescale. I tried all of the available shop products promising 100% limescale removal.....bahahahaha! What a joke and waste of time and money. I spent 38p on distilled malt vinegar,  also known as white vinegar (there is no actual difference). I poured an entire 568ml bottle down the loo.

Left it overnight and the bowl was sparkling in the morning. Zero chemicals and despite what you'd think, no nasty smells either! Gave it a good wipe down, no scrubbing and a couple of flushes, it was fresh and smell free. I now use it to clean my windows and kettle as well!

I wrote this guide as part of a BzzAgent campaign.
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