How to make the most out of your PlayStation 3...

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Now that you bought your Sony PlayStation 3, but what's next? Let's find out how to make the most out of it.

(1) Make the PS3 works harder for you through some of the best games ever

You may not aware how powerful the PS3 is. The PS3 has a cell processor running at 3.2GHz (which is faster than many computers on the market), main memory which also runs at 3.2GHz, 256MB in RAM, which is capable of transferring data at 25.6GB per second! Yes, it has the WOW factor!

Some very good games are now on the market which are testing how good the PS3 is. Here are some recommendations to-date:

  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
  • The Darkness
  • Unchartered: Drake's Fortune
  • Call of Duty 4
  • Grand Theft Auto 4

(2) Shop around! Have you tried games from another country?

PS3 games are all made into Blu-ray discs. At the time of writing this guide, there is no regional code on PS3 games. The only restriction is the video mode, namely PAL, NTSC and SECAM. Check your TV to see which video signals it can accept, and shop for your favourite games. Remember, some games are available in one country but not the others. You may wish to check before you buy to avoid disappointment.

(3) Make use of the PlayStation Network

The PlayStation Network is yours! Finished an in-game is not the best part, but competing with other PS3 gamers across the world is. Don't get tired yet, because there are always players wanting to compete against the others. Connect your PS3 to the internet via an Ethernet cable or via wireless (802.11b/g), and you can stay there for many, many hours. After all, the use of the PlayStation Network is free. Many games will have a "profile" for you, linked to a nickname that you assigned to yourself when you register your PS3 over the PlayStation Network. Enjoy! I love mine!!!

(4) Turn your PS3 into a Media Centre

Store your favourite music and photos onto your PS3, and control them via your wireless controller or a Bluetooth remote control. It's very handy... you don't even have to be in the same room as your PS3. Connect your PS3 to a surround sound system, leave your machines in one room, turn up the volume, take your PS3 remote control with you, and you can switch between tracks without seeing the TV.

(5) Get the best graphics for your PS3

To really enjoy your PS3, you've got to have a HD TV (High Definition TV) which has an output of 1080i, or even better still, a full HD (1080p). Connect your HDTV to your PS3 via a HDMI cable. I would recommend a HD TV of 26 inches or higher to get the best result out of the high definition graphics.

(6) Don't get the DVDs, get the Blu-ray movies instead

Why buying DVD movies when you can enjoy very high quality of movies on Blu-ray discs? I watched Resident Evil 4 on both Blu-ray and DVD at the same time to compare, and WOW!!! The Blu-ray version blew me away! See it for yourself, get the Blu-ray movies instead.

At present, there are three region codes for Blu-ray movies:

  • Region A: North and South America, South and South East Asia, including Japan, Korea and Malaysia.
  • Region B: Europe, Australiia, New Zealand, Africa, Middle East and Greenland.
  • Region C: Central and South of Asia including China; Russica and Mongolia.

(7) Browse the internet via PS3

Although it's never be the same as a computer, but you can browse the internet on your PS3, save your favourite bookmarks and more. You may also get a USB or Bluetooth keyboard for your PS3 to help with surfing the internet.

(8) Keep in contact with friends

Once you have registered on the PlayStation Network, you may keep in contact with friends by sending them messages or even to chat with them (via USB or Bluetooth headset). If you both have a webcam (PS3 version), you may also see each other on your TV screen too. Also, you can invite your friends for online gaming, and will also be able to see which game are your friends playing.

(9) Keep your PS3 up-to-date

Sony continues to update your console to make it better. You may be prompted to update your PS3 over the Internet. Keep an eye out for any additional features on the PlayStation website.

Updated August 2008

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