How to make thonging into a necklace

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I am often asked 'how do you make a necklace with thonging?'  I remember when I started to make jewellery that things can appear tricky even when they're not so I thought I would create a pictoral guide for beginners in how to use 3mm thong to make a very easy necklace.

1) Take a 16" length of thong (3mm wide is good) and put one end into a cord tip

2)  Then use some flat nosed pliers to fold and squeeze one side of the cord tip over the thong

3)  Then fold and squeeze the other side over
   (Do the same to the other end of the thong remembering to make sure you fold the cord tip the same side as the first one!)

4)  Attach a clasp (using a jump ring between clasp and cord tip loop)

5) Attach a large jump ring or extension chain to the other end

6)  Pop on a pendant and there you go !  Easy and beautiful !

I hope this demonstration was of use - please leave a comment or rating before you go  as if this sort of pictoral guide is useful I will do more in future.  Coloured thong & pendants available from the Beads-By-Lili range.

Good Luck !


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