How to make your own sausages

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Sausages needn't be bad for you

By taking the plunge and having a go at making your own sausages, you will very quickly see the benefits.  Not only do you have full control of the quality of meat and ingredients you are putting in, but it brings a real feeling of satisfaction to know that you can be an Artisan Sausage Maker with very little cost and a little help from DesignaSausage.
Sausages basically consist of a casings/skin, breadcrumbs/rusk, good quality meat, some fat and some dried herbs and spices.  Simply mix all the ingredients together in a bowl (except the casings/skins of course) and then fill your piping bag or machine with the sausage mixture.  With your skins/casings perched on the end, slowly encourage the meat into the casings/skins.  Once you have made a rather long sausage, it is time to link.  There are clever butchers links which you can learn to perfect at a later stage, but for now, let's keep it simple.  Approximately every 4-5 inches, pinch the sausage to create a "dent", then twist the first sausage round a few times.  Repeat this process until the whole sausage is linked into nice cheeky looking sausages.  It does help to twist alternating sausages in the opposite direction.  We recommend placing the sausages in the fridge overnight before cooking.  This helps the sausages to set and the meat to marinade with the herbs and spices you have chosen.  It really couldn't be simpler.  In fact, much easier than making a Roast Dinner for sure!  If you fancy some hands on help and having a bit of fun, we do provide interactive sausage making at parties in the North of England at a location of your choice.  Whether it be Hen Parties, Dinner Parties or Birthday Parties, it will certainly be lots of fun and something completely different!  We also get involved in Sausage Making Courses at Schools & Colleges as well as Corporate Team Building Events.  If you would like more information, please contact our office on:  01663 764208.  Happy Sausage Making!
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