How to match Accessories

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Accessories are a great way to make your outfit stand out. It is amazing how often both men and women forget about these little wardrobe helpers- but I am here to tell you why they matter. 

Now, have a look at this:

Accessory = a legal term for someone to aids in a crime

Fashion Accessory = an item which is used to compliment an outfit or style

There is no hiding it- accessories are the difference between getting away with you fashion/style- or getting called out on by the fashion police. Final point is ... you want accessories.

Recent trending accessories are the knuckle rings which have been seen by several fashion bloggers, myself included, as a great way to match your purse, shoes, clothes, belts etc.

For example- if you have an outfit where nothing matches- you can simply be forgiven from the Fashionistas of the world if you add a forgiving accessory which matches one of the mismatched items and you're safe! Simple right?

On my Ebay Store, Ava Alexus, I sell a lot of accessories which help with just that. I have necklaces which include random chunks of complimentary color which aid in the process of outfit color coordination. 

Lastly, try and match the look and feel amazing. If you feel good- you will look great! 

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