How to measure your childs feet

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pen paper and tape is all you need
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pen paper and tape is all you need

Easier shoe buying online.

Cinderella and her sisters learned the hard way about foot measurement but is really isn't all that difficult. Our guide will show you how.

Measuring feet before purchasing online is a real must. Why ? Well, there is no standard sizing for footwear which makes comparing sizes between manufacturers almost impossible. Thankfully there is the Mondopoint system which is based on foot length in millimeters and simplifies things greatly. We list all footwear with a recommended Mondopoint foot length as well as the manufacturers indicated size to give you confidence that our footwear will fit just right first time. 

To measure for Mondopoint foot size:

1. Stand with heel against the wall, put full weight on that foot, and make a mark on a piece of paper where the point furthest from the wall is. Usually this is at the tip of big or second toe.

2. Do the same with the other foot as most people have one foot slightly larger than the other.

3. Measure the distance in mm and this is equivalent to the Mondo Size. Choose footwear according to this size. If the length is between sizes or there is a significant difference between feet we suggest always to go for the slightly larger size.


If you prefer that we measure instead, simply provide an outline of both feet while stood on a piece of paper and send it to us.

We are quite happy for you to order a couple of different size shoes, simply keep the ones that fit and return the ones that don't.
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