How to measure your head for right cap and hat size

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How to measure your head for the correct size hat or cap
by KayCees.Trading ( KayCee's Urban Trading )

This guide is to help explain the methods used for hat size measuring and the conversion of the different types of measurements.

Many people purchase hats and caps without knowing what actual size measurement iis. It can be difficult as like with other apparel merchandises the size range will vary depending on the country of origin, the manufacturer, the brand and the type of hat or cap.

To know your hat or cap size there are three main methods:
1) The use of a measuring tape
2) By trying on other hats or caps
3) The use of a piece of string and a ruler

Method 1
Using a measuring tape is the most popular and useful method known.
By wrapping the tape measure around your head, placing it approximately an inch above your ears (the point that your hat usually sits) you need to hold the measuring tape securely but not too tight. Make sure you have wrapped it completely around your  and the point where the tape meets is where you will find your hat measurement. This measurement can now be used as a reference when buying a cap or hat.

Method 2 
This is the most easiest method by trying on a hat or cap from a friend or in a shop. With this you will know what sizes are too big, too small or just about right for yourself. 
This method is good but not too reliable as different brands will have slightly different size measurements. Also the type of measurement used between brands can be confusing if you do not know the conversion. 

Method 3
The use of a string and ruler is the most simplest method. It is similar to the measuring tape method and useful if you do not have a measuring tape to use.
This is done in the same way by wrapping the string around the head. When you have the size length on the string it can then be measured against a ruler to show what your correct head size is.

*The Best Measurement for Hats and Caps is in Centimetres (cm) which can be converted with ease*

Hat and Cap Size Conversions
Hat and cap sizes come in different measurement forms, five known ones are:
The Metric = measured in Centimetres (cm)
The Imperial = measured in Inches (in or ")
Easy fitted = Size range Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L) and Extra-Large (XL).
Stretch fitted = Size range Small/Medium (S/M), Medium/Large (M/L) and Large/Extra-Large (L/XL) 
Fitted = Size measurements are more specific and are in the form of numbers plus a fraction. eg 6 3/4, 7, 71/2 and 8.

Below is a brief guide showing the different measurements and how these can be translated.

Measurement types                                                                                                                                              
Fitted  Caps          | 6 3/4  | 6 7/8  |    7     |  7 1/8  |   7 1/4  | 7 3/8   |  7 1/2   |  7 5/8  |    7 3/4   |   7 7/8  |     8      |
Easy Fitted           |    Small (S)     | Medium (M)   |       Large (L)    |  X-Large (XL)   |  Extra Extra-Large (XXL)  |
Centimeters          | 53.9   | 54.9   | 55.9   |  56.9   |   57.8   | 58.9    |     59.7 |  60.6   |    61.6   |  62.5    |   63.5    |
Inches                   | 21 1/4| 21 5/8|   22    | 22 3/8 | 22 3/4  | 23 1/8 |  23 1/2 | 23 7/8 |  24 1/4  |  24 5/8  |    25     |
Stretch Fitted       | Small/Medium (S/M)  |  Medium/Large |     Large/Extra -Large (L/XL)        |

Thank you for taking time to read my guide.
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