How to not get scammed on eBay

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I have been on eBay since 2002 and have seen it all,

The first things you need to check!

  • is they a actual photo of the actual item??
    NO? contact the seller asking why
  • look at the sellers feedback, has the seller sold anything else before? has the seller got any negative feedback?
  • check the date of when the seller signed up, is it resent?
  • does the seller accept paypal?
    -NO? i would stay away if the seller asks for postal order / cheque.
  • does the seller allow you to pick the item up? if no you should think, why don't you have the item? is it faulty? are you going to scam me?
  • has the seller included information about the actual items condition etc not just specifications?
  • does the seller allow you to phone him / her ?

they are many more ways of making sure its not a scam these are just precautions, the one thing i feel is the safest is to post to a confirmed address deal with confirmed paypal sellers / buyers and your both protected.

If the item for sale looks too good to be true then it probably is!

take care in this new hi-tech world of selling & buying
best of luck

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