How to open your Pandora bracelet

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Most ladies love a touch of glamour and sparkle and Pandora bracelets are a beautiful addition to any accessory collection. Their customisable nature means that they can suit any outfit or occasion you like, both simply and confidently. Pandora bracelets allow you to personalise to your heart’s content.

However, sometimes, adding beads to your charm bracelet can be a little bit fiddly; a tad difficult, due to the stiff clasp on the bracelet itself. This simple little opener will ensure that you can open your Pandora bracelet easily and efficiently, making the task of adding beads and charms an absolute dream.

Follow this step-by-step guide to using the ClaspEase tool and never again, have to struggle with your bracelet.

Step 1: Insert the plastic ClaspEase opener into the groove on the Pandora clasp. You must note that it won’t be a perfect fit.

Step 2: Gently push down on the ClaspEase tool so it edges its way into the Pandora clasp.

Step 3: The Pandora clasp itself will open, ready for you to personalise your jewellery.

This Pandora clasp opener is a very simple piece of equipment that will make life easier and a whole lot more sparkly.

 From the moment it arrives on your doorstep, you’ll wonder how you ever manged without it and will probably want to add charm after charm after charm onto your bracelet, purely to use it over and over again!
Those that don’t have a ClaspEase opener often have to resort to imaginative, and often dangerous ways to open their Pandora bracelet clasps and are often found using their fingernails and sometimes, even knives. Imagine, through not using the brilliant clasp opener, you’re allowing a chance for damage to be caused to your bracelet, or worse still, you.

While the ClaspEase tool is fast, efficient and ever so simple to use, it’s also easily attachable to a keyring too. This way, you’ll never be without it! You can attach your new charms seconds after buying them! Being a Pandora bracelet owner, you probably like things to be coordinated and accessorised too; this is where the ClaspEase tool comes into its own; it is available in a really great range of colours and so, along with being ultra handy, it’s also going to match you and your bracelet perfectly!

The ClaspEase opener is a super and inexpensive little tool that will save you fiddling, it’ll save you time and most of all, it’ll save you from damaging your bracelet unnecessarily. (Please bear in mind that ClaspEase won’t be held responsible for any damage caused by using the ClaspEase tool, correctly or incorrectly).

Have a little look at the broad range of colours we have available and see which one will suit your Pandora bracelet best…
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