How to organize your makeup. Tips & Tricks

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Makeup Storage
Many of us have way too much makeup for one person but instead of us hoarding it around all over our house, a good makeup storage system is a must. Most people begin with a small three drawer storage where than keep their everyday makeup essentials.
As our collection grows we need more and more storage so we begin to dive into the pretty acrylic drawers. These are a must because they allow you to store you makeup while allowing you to see what's inside without digging around in them. They also just look beautiful with all the different types of makeup in them like blushes and powders.
Next a display case for your endless amount of lipsticks is an essential. We love to have a variety of lip colors and formulas so what better way to house them than an ascending lipstick holder. This will allow you to not only see what lipsticks you own but it will help you showcase your most used and beloved lipsticks.
Makeup can often times accumulate fast and without the right storage system, how will you know what products you have and don't have? Remember, you can never have enough makeup!

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