How to pack a Hard Drive

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I buy and sell computer componentry and want to share a few quick observations and perhaps share a little wisdom...when I first started selling the units I used to wrap in a anti static bag, bubble wrap and then place inside a cardboard sleeve. I had a few DOAs and decided  to review my procedures. Since doing so I have not had a unit failure and want to share my tips.

DO: Weigh the unit BEFORE you start packing it then add about 200gs - that will determine the real weight.
DO: Anti static bag the unit BEFORE you place inside the bubble wrap.
DO: USE a big enough box or cardboard wrap to ensure your unit sits in the middle of the packaging WITHOUT touching the Sides - cardboard will provide some protection but you have to assume the unit will be dropped by RM at some point.
DO: Roll up and use newspaper or surplus bubble wrap to SUSPEND your unit inside the box - that will offer a good degree of protection
DO: Use boxes like cereal or some biscuit boxes - you have them lying around home , it saves your recycling and it gives your customer a well protected product.
DO: Wrap the outside of your box in plastic - just in case , hides the contents and protects in case of moisture.


DONT: Use Jiffy bags - yout HDD WILL NOT survive the trip
DONT: Post in a post box - use a post office, they take more care.
DONT: Post multiple units without suspended padding between them.
DONT: Assume its under a kilo, WEIGH it! Hard drive wieghts do vary.
DONT: Throw away your proof of postage - sometimes you will need it.
DONT: trust the SEAGATE label 'shockproofed to 350G' a 1G fall of 1 metre can destroy you drive, your customer satisfaction and your profit.

Hopefully this is of help to the budding entrepreneurs out there.


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