How to package a 1/18 scale McLaren F1 GTR for posting

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Hi there, my name is Markus and i collect 1/18 diecast models.  Many of these models are very fragile and can sometimes arrive damaged, even if they were perfect when packaged up.  So i am writing this guide so that Sellers can to help prevent this happening and in turn have less hassle from fussy buyers (like myself).  I would like to focus on the 1/18 scale UT Models/Pauls Model Art McLarn F1 GTR model.  If you collect these models, you will know that they usually command a price of between £50 and £200, depending on the racing livery and chassis type.  You will also know about the fragile nature of the door hinges.  This could also be a feature of other models, so this guide is not exclusive to this model alone, it can be used for any model, and will enhnace both the the buying and selling experience for the eBayers concerned.

What i would suggest is as follows:

1.  Take the car out of the box, unscrew it and set it on a table.
2.  Get some buble wrap, wide enough to cover the doors and long enough to wrap around the middle of the car.
3.  Check for any ariels or small antenna that could be damaged and cut a hole in the appropriate place in the bubble wrap.
4.  Wrap the bubble wrap around the car door area and secure with some selotape (making sure none comes into contact with the car itself) or a couple of elastic bands.
5.  Turn the car upside down and prick some holes if the bubble wrap is covering the screw holes
6.  Screw the car back on it's base, and repace into it's box
7.  Place the car's box in an outer cardboard box that is large enough to take a few layers of foam peanuts or more bubble wrap
7. Et Voila! - you should have a car that has it's doors secured closed, without damaging it and without adding much weight to the parcel.

Please be very careful while doing this so as you don't damage the car in the process.

Obviously, this guide may be adapted for other cars and items, and is attempted completely at risk of the buyer concerned.

So hopefully this will encourage more confidence when buying such models and will also result in even happier buyers and sellers.

Many thanks for reading and have fun on ebay!
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