How to package an item securely.

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After a sucessful sale of glassware or a frigile item on eBay, the next step is packaging. So why risk having a beautiful item, chipped, cracked or broken during postage? Taking the time to package your item will go a long way in preventing your item getting damaged in transit, keeping a high feedback score and pleasing customers.

All you need to securely protect an item is bubble wrap and an envelope/box. Individually wrap each item to maximise protection. If you are sending more then one item, a box could be the best idea. After wrapping your items, place them in a box, packaging peanuts are ideal to fill the space between the box and your item, but plastic bags or newspaper will do.

For a small price you can buy "fragile" stickers from most supermarkets and on eBay. These stickers make you look alot more professional and also remind the post service your item is fragile.

The last stage is postage. There are two options, print postage online or take it to the post office. Printing postage online is designed for letters and large letter, where as the post office is better for packages, as they cant be put in the letter box.

Remember, the key to positive feedback, is to maintain contact with your buyer, provide a close item description and dispatch your item as quickly as possible.

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