How to pass your theory test for free!*

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When I say free, you pay for the test but the practice is free

Okay so I've just passed my driving theory test today (answering only one question wrong!) and I didn't pay for anything except for the theory test itself.  It's safe to say I'm a bit of a scrimper and I'm proud of that as in turn I end up saving a lot more money than other people. Here's how I passed...


There are a few free apps available on the AppStore and also the Google Play store which you can download to your phone or tablet. I personally downloaded the AA app, the RAC app, an two other apps called 'theory test' which has a logo of an L plate, and the other of a car on a blue background. 
Most of these apps offer the chance to upgrade to the full version. THIS IS NOT NECESSARY. Just keep practising the same free questions over and over again and you'll find yourself passing with no wrong answers.


There are thousands of websites on the internet which offer free mock theory tests, but here are the ones which I used. I found these crucial to my success in passing so use them as much as possible - even if you're answering the same questions over and over again practise makes perfect! (not allowed to post links sorry but exclude the spaces and that's the web address!) 

toptests . co . uk

This website also offers a 150 question 'marathon' which is the perfect way of securing your knowledge

www. gov. uk/ practise- your- driving- theory- test

This is an official DVSA practise test found on the UK Government website and so provides an accurate insight as to how the words are worded in the test. 


The Highway Code is where most of the questions you'll be asked on the theory test have been devised from. I personally read through it and made some que cards on key points such as tyre tread depth (legal minimum 1.6mm).

Doing all this you should pass the multiple choice section of your theory test with flying colours and then you're on your way to passing your practical - and it hasn't cost a penny extra!
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