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Ebay are fussy about how people send money. I'm not - as long as I get paid I don't really care (within reason)! You can pay by cash, cheque, postal order, bank credit,  or an online system like Paypal.

Cheque / Postal Order

If you send a  cheque or Postal Order, I will usually send the item out straight away. If you send a cheque and it's a large amount, I might wait until the bank has confirmed it's cleared (three working days). Postal Orders clear at once.

Bank credit / BACS

This is the easiest and cheapest method. You can either pay the money into my account over the counter at any bank, or via the BACS system by telephone or the internet from your own bank. Ask me for my bank details.


Ebay like this because they make money from it (as well as the commission they get on sales). I don't like it because it costs me money and can be open to abuse. If you pay by Paypal, I will send the goods after I have received the money from Paypal; this should take only one day but can be longer.


By all means give me cash! However, it is NOT a good idea to send cash through the post (if you must, make sure it's sent by a recorded signed-for insured method. The GPO no longer does Registered Post).
If you are collecting your purchase, then you must pay me cash, nothing else will do.

Overseas buyers

I am happy to send things to (almost) any country in the world. Payment requirements are much the same as those for UK buyers; again the preferred payment method is bank transfer or International Giro. Please note that I require payment in Sterling (GBP), sorting out the exchange rate and bank charges is down to you. I might take Euros or US$ if you ask me nicely and give me a good reason.

General notes

If you buy more than one thing, I'll be happy to pack them together into one; this is usually (though not always) cheaper. I don't rip people off with postage charges, what you pay is what I pay.
Returns are not accepted on any item unless otherwise stated. Unlike some sellers, I go to the bother of testing things before I sell them so you know exactly what you're getting. Checking suitability is up to you.

Any other questions, please ask.


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