How to pick a guitar wiring harness

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There are a lot of things that will help you pick your wiring harness, but the following points are pretty universal.
* 250k pots are warmer sounding
* 500k pots are brighter sounding
* 0.022uf tone capacitors are usually used for stratocaster style guitars
0.033uf and 0.047uf Tone capacitors or usually used for guitars with humbuckers like Les pauls and super strats. 
* Cloth covered wire is cosmetic only, it has no tonal bonus what so ever.  it just looks good and is in keeping with a vintage style wiring loom.
* Mini pots are great for use in guitars that have a limited amount of space in the control cavity, and full size pots have a slightly brighter sound to them (a bit more Ping!)
* Audio pots are very clear sounding and tend to have a smoother curve over standard pots, but it is worth remembering that all Audio pots are used for both volume and tone.
* The wires should be tidy and grouped together by heat shrink cable where possible to limit the clutter under the scratch plate. 
* After sales support should ALWAYS be available on hand wired looms, so check to mae sure that the seller can offer things like wiring diagrams or wiring videos, or a good old fashioned chat on the phone if you run in to trouble.

All wiring harnesses should be checked throughly before shipping, and ideally they should be wired by hand to order so you know that you are getting the best possible service and parts for your money.  so if this isnt stated in teh listing, always message the seller to check.

All the best
The R C Guitars Team
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