How to pick up bargain dresses.

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As a member of BzzAgent I have been selected to write an Ebay guide, so here goes.  
I buy a lot of dresses on ebay, you might say I am a dressoholic!  I am always trying to pick up a bargain and have found some really useful ways to beat everyone else to winning my item for a bargain price.
  • Watch the item, do not bid instantly;
  • Only bid in the last few seconds, choose your maximum price and stick to it.  I usually wait until about 10 seconds before bidding ends, then no other buyer has an opportunity to outbid you;
  • If you are outbid be prepared to walk away, do not put in a last minute price that you will later regret.;
  • Try bidding on items that end early in the morning or late at night, particurly at the weekend when less people are likely to be awake.  I have picked up some real bargains at 7am on a Sunday morning (I have a toddler, the only reason I am up at this time);
  • Do not get hung up on brand names.  Some brands like Next and Coast seem to go for very over inflated prices, wereas you can get equally good brands much cheaper.
  • Pay attention to the Postage and Packaging price.  Some people will charge a lot more than others which really takes away form any saving you may have made.  Some people will charge £5.60 for second class when really this should only cost aroung £3.50.  Look out for people who offer free postage as this can be a big saving.
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