How to post a cycle

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This is my simple guide on how to successfully post a cycle sold on ebay.

Posting a bike is easy, and no where near as daunting as it seems. Most of you reading this will be able to post a cycle, however the process may mean that some of you are just plain unable for various reasons.

For starters you need to be able to get hold of a suitable box, simplest way is to head down to your nearest bike shop, they'll be happy to give you an empty bike sized cardboard box that your bike will fit nicely into once a few parts have been removed. Typically the front wheel, handle bars and pedals will need to be removed in order for the cycle to fit within the box. Be sure to protect all the areas where cycle parts are resting on one another, for example add some padding between the front wheel and frame to prevent the wheel taking lumps out of the frame during transit. Package up all small loose items, don't leave them rolling around in the bottom of the box where they can be lost or damaged. Tape the box up well, use a decent quality duct tape.

Ok now you have several options on how to actually post the bike. Typically the options cost between 20 and 35pounds. Its custom for this to be paid ontop of the winning bid of the cycle.

Royal mail, this is simple. Take your packaged bike to a post office and have them post it via a fully insured and trackable service.

Of course some of you may not be able to get such a large package to a post office. This is where couriers come in, most couriers can be paid for and arranged on their respective website to come and collect a large parcel during the day. Of course the restriction here is that you'll need to be able to wait in at home during a working day for the courier to arrive.

Unfortunately if you can't do any of the above you probably won't be able to post your bike, however if you can, Happy days!

To dispel a few myths, couriers/postal workers do not routinely throw around and damage parcels. I have a lot of people tell me they're worried about couriers damaging the cycle on route, they have no reason to worry. I have had a lot of experience in both send and receiving cycle parts sent via royal mail and various couriers and have never found a parcel to be damaged through negligence of a postal worker. However I do still recommend that when a cycle is posted that it is insured. If mistakes didn't happen insurance wouldn't be offered afterall.

Remember offering postage on an ebay auction for your cycle will get you much more interest and bids.
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