How to present clothes

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always find natural lighting is best, not only for photographing clothing, but for taking photos in general. If you are able to, take

 your clothes outside, or go to a large well lit room.  
The natural light will highlight colours, and show any details that make the clothing stand out.  

A well presented item is so much nicer for buyers to see, than something that is creased, and thrown on the floor and hey ho, lets hope the picture comes out OK.  
A mannequin, or neatly ironed and laid out on a clean floor will show that you care about what you are selling. 

Be HonestIf your item is marked or has signs of wear & tear, photo it, explain what the fault is. Buyers are reassured when a seller is honest with them. You would think it would put buyers off..... Nope, buyers like to know exactly what they are getting, and if they have a choice from a vague, bland description, or an honest review of the item, 99% of the time they will choose the one where they know what to expect. 



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