How to prevent weeds in your garden (part 2)

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Weeds will choke the life out of your garden. But if you're at all concerned about the environment, you worry about chemical herbicides. Use these organic methods to combat plant pests.


1.  Pull weeds by hand using a hoe or a weed knife. This is the most efficient way to rid your garden of weeds without harming the environment. If you toss the weeds into your compost pile, give yourself an additional 10 points.

2.  Lay down a thick layer of mulch. Mulch shades the surface of the soil, preventing weed seeds from germinating.

 3.  Use a weed barrier mat prior to planting. There are several versions of this wonderful invention, but all act as a physical barrier that prevents weeds from emerging from the soil.

4.  Use WOW! from Gardens Alive to prevent weeds from growing in your lawn. WOW! is an organic pre-emergent herbicide that inhibits the growth of feeder roots. If used in an established lawn over several years, crabgrass growth is controlled by 91 percent.

Tips: Weed barrier mats are dark colored so you'll be able to plant earlier in the season. Dark colors absorb heat, which warms the chilly spring soil. Keep weeds under control. They are much easier to deal with when there are only a few of them in your garden. It is easiest to control young weeds that haven't gone to seed. When hand pulling weeds, try to get all of the roots. Also, weeds pull easier from soil that is damp.

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