How to produce Bio diesel with and without METHANOL

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Have you ever thought of how you would like to make your life a fraction easier...More time...More Enjoyment...More Money, yes more MONEY would maybe BE the answear.

Well a lot of you out there would like a better life and thats what we have found...More money more time and more pleasure...HOW?................WE make our own fuel SIMPLE ANSWER.

Well you to can follow us and make bio diesel....its so cheap to do you need to copy what we have done and start produceing your very own. We were running two diesel cars to get to work.We had mistakingly  Thought this would be cheap in long run but no, it was draining our pockets every week. We used to automatically divide a big portion of our monthly income to the costs involved just getting to work (BUYING DIESEL)

Ok Money is of  course is a driving factor in all we do, so it would be a good idea to maybe produce your very own form of fuel and start to dramatically reduce the costs involved in filling up your vehicle, and further reduce the cost of getting you to work.This should also give you that relife we found.

where do we start...............Ok we asked this very same question and belive me we found allsorts of plans and products on the Market and on the internet.

We tried quite a few ways of makeing the stuff....Most a real missery to make and set up. Nobody told us how messey this operation could turn out to be. Ok so we tried all the different ways then hit about our 5th method. When we heard of it we were over the moon.This seamed real simple...can it be so simple we asked?...We were gagging to try it out..our stock of prieviously home made bio was low and we needed more so what the heck...We will give a small batcha go and see the results...

Ok so now off we go hopeing we have found the mecca...Ha ...

  • In the plan we found you will find
  • The easiest way to produce bio diesel without the use of METHANOL or POTASSIUM (the Mecca)
  •  Producing Biodiesel Using The Methanol And Sodium Hydroxide Method :(
  •  Mixers (The Hardware Required)
  •  Making Biodiesel Using The Ethanol And Potassium Hydroxide Method :(
  •  Safety Information :)
  • How to build your own fiter systems from items found around the home (very cheap effective methods)
  • Equipment and Suppliers:)
  • Ok so we got together our raw materials this time it did not include buying methanol or the dreaded potassium and off we went into EASY to produce BIO DIESEL. Eagerly awaiting the results and WOW.........:P it turned out far better than we had anticipated,so easy to produce it was mind numbingly easy and  clean. Just what we needed as the final tie to life.

    Ok so it put our expensive bio reactor out of service....huh..all that money on the kit the pumps the pipes the chemicals the heating and titration...wah i had almost become a scientist flat out and there was no real need to learn all that hard stuff...after finding this meathod.Get it here now the easiest  way to make your very own Bio DieselWant to Know more?.

    what is bio diesel

    Biodiesel is the name of a clean burning alternative fuel, produced from domestic, renewable resources. Biodiesel contains no petroleum, but it can be blended at any level with petroleum diesel to create a biodiesel blend. It can be used in compression-ignition (diesel) engines with little or no modifications. Biodiesel is simple to use, biodegradable, nontoxic, and essentially free of sulfur and aromatics.


    Q...How much does it cost to make the reator your now useing

    A..A good Budget built processor (£16) from odds and ends.Produces good clear bio - SG 0.885 ish and 4.8 Centistoke viscosity - meeting EN requirements

    Most oils come from plants. They have either been crushed underground for centuaries and released as bio carbon fuel (crude oil).

    So the refined diesel is basically veg oil that is jurasic in age and refined for use in our vehicles in modern refineries.

    Crush any plant almost that has grown and you get oil. Start by pasteing up the plants and either by crushing out the oil or by solvent extraction you produce oil.

    So can you produce oil from water ...................well........................YES. In a smelly pond. ALGAE.

    Yes you can produce algae hi yeild algea. It grows in water. With the rite form or nutrient feed you can produce unlimited amounts of algea. A regular   family  size swiming pool will produce enough algae to drive at least one car

    Dry the algea and extract the oil

    ponds suck, to put it mildly. Low oil algae or bacteria quickly take over any open pond.

     If you want to grow high oil algae, you need to either use covered ponds, or photobioreactors. ANd that is where the key challenge is - being able to build these cheaply.......Now theres the free oil method..go grow and crush algae

    This is how far we have come in our bio strive. want to learn what we have learnt or do you need to go buy all the expensive kits and try all the hard method first?

     buy the biodiesel plan with the blue barrels found on ebay.

    The blue link will take you where you want 2 go:)

    Happy motoring...this link .press...This will save you time 


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