How to purchase a games console

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Picking the right console

First, you need to decide what console is right for you. Look at what games are available for each console, as some titles are only available on certain consoles.
Secondly, if you want a games console with media features, pick a Playstation. If you want a media console with game-playing features, pick an Xbox.

Next-gen consoles(PS4/Xbox One) are also going to be worth the extra price, as game series such as FIFA and Call of Duty stop producing previous generation consoles usually 3 years after Next-gen consoles are released, so are beneficial in the long run.

Handheld consoles, such as the PS Vita, or Nintendo DS, offer a good selection of games that you can play on the go, but are fairly expensive for what they offer, as the gameplay is often a lot worse than non-portable consoles and multiplayer is not as good. However, the price for both console and games is considerably less when purchasing handheld.

Finding the best deal

Look out for any bundle deals, as these usually include a game worth £40 or more for free with the console. You can even get multiple games included, meaning you have over £80 of free games for your console. If you don't like those games, you can always sell them on eBay for cash as well, meaning it is a win-win situation.

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