How to re-glue record sleeves

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How to re-glue record sleeves

First of all you need some strong, solvent-based glue, not paper glue which is not strong enough and doesn't penetrate the card the record sleeve is made of.

A tin of solvent cement with a brush built into it is ideal as you can use a brush to apply the glue, without having to clean it each time you re-glue covers.

Remove the vinyl from the cover and keep away from drying glue - the solvent's vapours can damage your precious wax.

Working out from the middle of the sleeve spine, apply glue to the area inside the sleeve that joins the two sides, and place together. Remove any excess that squeezes out with tissue.

Lastly, use an document spine to hold the join in place while the glue sets. This is simply a plastic binder used for making pamphlets out of A4 sheets of paper, consisting of a tight tube with and open side - they are available from any good stationer. The glue will take a couple of hours to set fully.
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