How to reduce chimney draughts on a budget

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 I was asked to do my first Ebay Guide as I am a BzzAgent!! and here goes!!

I recently took out the old fire and fireplace in my rented property. When I priced up having the chimney opening bricked up it was coming up at £100 money which I couldn't afford. The living room became very draughty due to the big gaping hole where the fireplace had been and I was at my wits end especially with the impending cold weather due that's  until I did a search in ebay for chimneu draught excluders and found a chimney balloon/sock. simply measure the width of the chimney and order the correct size and fit by inflating (I used an electric pump so that I didn't gave to re inflate the next day due to temperature changes )  I would recommend this nifty little gadget to everyone it literally took 5 mins to fit and my room is warm and cosy once again and it cost me less than £20 . It can be removed and reused I'm an instant which makes it ideal for when santa visits in a few weeks ;)
If you require any more info I'd be happy to answer question jayne 
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