How to reduce your cleaning cupboard by almost half!

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I will never go back to Liquids!

As I am a BzzAgent and joined this eBay buying guide campaign I thought I would publish this guide about a product I have tried.

Just recently I came across a cleaning product which both excited me and made me wonder how it would help?
Usually when purchasing cleaning products I would venture to my local superstore or Poundshop were ready to use triggers provided me with all the cleaning products I would need.

I was asked to try a product called 'Freshclean Lemon' which would potentially reduce my cleaning product spend by almost half. The product arrived in a 750gm pot and looking at the instructions I worked out that I had just received 150 Litres of cleaning fluid condensed to a 750gm pot! That's probably equating to a full shelf of trigger sprays at the local supermarket!

The fragrance was amazing! It smelt like a freshly picked bunch of lemons with a sweet tinge. The instructions recommended 1 x 5gm scoop to a litre trigger spray and boasted 'Multi-Purpose' cleaning. With this is mind I decided to test it out, I cleaned my floors first (4 x 5gm scoops in a mop bucket), it worked. Then I moved onto my kitchen worktops, it worked! I decided to test it and clean my fridge - it worked!

After using the product for over a month I now only have 3 products in my cupboard - Bleach, Window Cleaner & Freshclean Lemon!

If anyone is considering a new take on cleaning I would really recommend they try Freshclean Lemon, it works on almost everything and for the price it's amazing. Usually & typically speaking you would spend £1 on a trigger spray of cleaning fluid so that would work out at £150 for 150 litres, with this product you get the same amount for £10....

Here is the link for the product -

Try it - you really won't need anymore bulky trigger sprays in your cupboard ever again!!
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