How to refill Plug in Air fresheners, for less!

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How to refill Plug in air fresheners yourself safely

If your fed up buying expensive refills, or just keep forgetting or buying the wrong ones you will be glad to find out how to refill your plug in air fresheners for much less.

A 100ml bottle is just £9.99, and refills  6 plugs, so its less than £2 per refill compared to much more expensive official refills.

Its greener too!  Throwing away 12 refills in a year puts around 1kg of glass/plastic mix in landfill.  All this waste can be pretty much saved, and Purity use 100% recycled plastic for their PET bottles too. 

Using a universal plug in refill liquid from Purity Home Fragrance couldn't be easier. Simply remove the old wick, and pour directly into the plugs liquid bottle using the slim pouring nozzle on the Purity bottles.

Last but not least, the most important thing is they are SAFE to use.  If you  search the web there are plenty of crazy suggestions for liquids to use, and most of the ideas are just plain dangerous. Its important to remember the plug is an electrical device and that certain liquids properties can change when heated, they can become toxic at worst or smoke like a cheap candle. Neither of which is a good option in your home.  

The Purity Home Fragrance range is award winning, commended by Theo Paphitis from Dragons Den who awarded Katy & Will, the husband and wife team behind Purity the #SBS prize in 2012.  

The oils are made with perfume grade fragrance, and are hand blended, bottled and labelled in their small London workshop.

If you would like to make your own plug in air freshener refills using essential oils you can now do that too. Just buy the U-MIX base oil and add your essential oils in which ever mix and strength you like.

Be safe, save and even be greener by going DIY on your plug in air fresheners.

Visit the Purity Home Fragrance eBay shop to find a range of scents and more info 

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