How to rehydrate Coir Blocks Giant African land Snails

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How to re-hydrate your Coir Blocks for your Giant African Land Snails.

To re-hydrate your Coir Blocks correctly you will need the following:

1 x Coir Block

1 x Water tight container (large enough to hold approximately 9 Ltrs of Coir Compost)

approx 3 ltrs of warm water.

To Start.

Place your coir block in the plastic container (having removed any packaging from the block), slowly pour the 3 ltrs of warm water on and around your block.

You will immediately start to see the block expand as it absorbs the water, you need to be patient here this process can take some time.

For the best results I tend to leave it overnight, this ensures an even spread of water throughout the coir block.



Once the block has absorbed the water you can now break it up, the coir should now crumble very easily, you can either use your hands or a hand gardening fork, at this point I normally add 100g of limestone flour to the soil, this gives your snails an additional source of all important calcium.

The Coir is now ready to be spread over the base of your snails tank, it should be spread over to a depth of 3-6 inches depending on the size of your snail, it should be deep enough for your snail to burrow itselft completely in the soil.

With daily debris cleaning of your tank you should find that your coir will last 2-4 weeks before it needs changing.


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