How to remove cat urine from carpets, sofas, bedding

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Problems with cat urine?
Cat urine is one of the trickiest smells to remove from the home, as the cat urine odor, left untreated can linger for weeks on end, and home furnishings can seem ruined from cat urine smells.

Cat urine is also one of the trickiest stains to remove, and although we train cats to urinate in litter trays or outside, accidents can happen, particulalry with kittens and senior cats, or cats can urinate to mark their territory, or urinate when there is a change in household routine such as new arrivals, fireworks or moving home.

Pet Wee Away specialises in removing cat urine smells and stains from carpets, furniture, mattresses, duvets, household items, litter trays and outdoor areas such as patios, artificial lawns, backyards.

How does this work?
Most people use household based detergents & bleach which simply mask the smell rather than actually removing the stain. These products are simply not designed to remove urine from around the house, they are general 'all-purpose' cleaners which are not designed to be used on upholstery, which is where the worst spills of cat urine occur!  We have found that you need a product specifically designed to remove cat urine smells and stains.

We recommend Pet Wee Away - a product that once applied, can rid your home of unwanted smells and stains. The solution works using enzymes which biologically removes the urine at the source of the smell or stain so it is gone for good.

After use there will be no lingering smells or leftover stains, and it's a lot cheaper than replacing a three piece suite or a carpet, and the product is completely safe, non toxic to use for both you and your pet (though we do recommend removing the cat from the cleaned area for 15-20 minutes).
Pet Wee Away's concentrated solution has been proven on cat urine stains both old and new, and can be used to remove any sort of pet mess such as feaces, urine, blood, vomit etc. - pet wee away!

Pet Wee Away is available at special prices for eBay customers

Urine Remover

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