How to remove concrete spills with an organic solution

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No matter how hard you try it is almost guaranteed that there will be splashes of concrete left on the surface you are working on. With all the options open to you for the effective removal of concrete the safest method is using an organic acid solution. Being strong enough to remove cement patches and spills yet gentle enough to pose no threat to you or your family these products such as the Biostrip Concrete Remover are the ideal solution for cleaning up unwanted cement spills. Being one of the only cement removers to be fully biodegradable this option is the most family friendly.
1.Apply - Using a biodegradable cement remover is easy. Supplied ready to use there is no mixing or preparing needed. Using a spray or brush you simply need to apply the liquid formula over the cement you need removed. Once applied the solution will immediately begin to break down the bonds within the cement and start converting the residue into a gel consistency.
2.Remove - The amount of time taken to work on the cement patch or spill varies depending on the thickness of the cement. Once it has completed its work you can remove the now gel like residue by scraping, washing or brushing. Depending on the surface being worked on it may be wise to use alternative methods to remove the gel residue to avoid marking the surface.
3. Dispose - As the solution if fully biodegradable and completely safe to the environment it is safe to dispose of the gel in a manner of different ways. Unlike dangerous acids which need to be disposed of in specific ways, this solution can purely be placed in a black refuse bag. Though the organic acid formula is safe to use it is essential to remove of the residue promptly to prevent any young children or pets getting hold of the gel residue.
Depending on the thickness of the cement patch you may need to apply a second layer of the formula. Following the same steps will remove the remaining cement on the surface to present a clean and undamaged surface underneath. In the same respect, the amount of product needed also differs depending on the amount of cement to be removed. Ensuring you have a good coverage will enable the product to work more efficiently and do a more thorough job of the removal.
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