How to repair a fake USB drive / pen drive

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There are already a few guides on here about how not to get ripped off by buying one of these fake USB drive, but none on how to repair your USB drive if you have been scammed.

So here’s how I did it. (complete with programs)

While you can’t make your fake USB drive save more than the chip can physically store, you can make the drive show the original (correct) storage size.

If your reading this then I'm assuming that (like me) you've been sold a fake USB drive.
And probably spent ages surfing the web looking for some way to try and repair your USB drive.

What I found was;
1) We are not alone. There are hundreds of people all looking for an answer, and
2) There are very few actual solutions, most of which are on Russian or Chinese websites.

As I searched I did find some helpful comments, a few good programs.
Eventually I restored my supposedly 16GB USB drive back to it correct size of 2GB (Gigabytes)
{which is actually 16Gb (Gigabits), for the IT bods out there.}

And I thought how much I'd have appreciated it, if a fellow eBayer would have given me the answer/solution. So I decided to create this guide.

The link below contains a Zip file with the 4 best programs I found on the web.
Two of them analyse your USB drive, giving details about the drive & it’s controller
One of them checks the exact amount of usable storage available.
The last one is program I used to repair my fake USB drive.
Also there are a few internet shortcuts to helpful websites.

mediafire .com/?wxrm3bmrcb3bglq

You’re not allow external links in guides so you’ll have to copy the line above into your browser (& delete the space between mediafire & .com)

- ADDITIONAL  I wrote this guide over 8 years ago (It's now had over 13000 views), and I am glad to see it is still helping other users, but I'm frustated that this is obiviously still going on, with no end in sight.

{The picture above is my USB drive which I repaired, but the programs/ instructions will repair other USB drives}


I hope you manage to get your USB drive working, even though it’ll be at the reduced (correct) capacity.

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Kind regards,
Rob  Croft (eBay Id: Robert.Croft)

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