How to replace a Sony Vaio laptop key

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Key top removal

Insert finger nail underneath rear edge of key at the top and pull key forward. The key will snap off leaving the latch exposed:


Fitting a new latch

The latch consist of 3 pieces. You can see how it is assembled below:


If you are also fitting a new latch, assemble in this sequence. Check that the mechanism moves up and down freely with no resistance.


Fitting a new key

Check that the latch mechanisn is moving up and down freely. Rest the key top on the front edge of the latch and press down carefully. The key will softly click into place. If the key doesn't click into place, please check that the small plastic mechanism catches under the key top itself are not damaged.


Exceptions for PCG-Z1, PCG-TR, VGN-FJ, PCG-GR and VGN-S keys

PCG-Z1, PCG-TR, VGN-FJ and PCG-GR use a two piece latch that consists of two white clips which is pretty easy to assemble when you examine it and doesn't really need a guide. VGN-S uses a complex looking latch which fits together in a similar way to the above example.

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