How to replace a turntable drive belt

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A number of people have asked me this question and although there isn't a definitive answer, the following procedure will usually apply:

  1. Remove the turntable mat
  2. Take off the platter, sometimes there will be a circlip holding the platter in place and if this is the case it will need to be removed first.  Most platters just lift off however.
  3. Turn the Platter upside down and you will normally see an extrusion where the belt goes round.  If there isn't one and the platter has lifted off and left the belt in place then it will be obvious where the belt has to go!  If this is the case then simply replace the belt and refit the platter.  Now go to step 7.  If however there is an extrusion on the underside of the platter then proceed to step 4.
  4. Place the belt around the extrusion on the underside of the platter
  5. Replace the platter.
  6. Grasp the belt through one of the holes in the platter and stretch it over the motor pulley. If there is a mechanical speed change guide you must make sure that the belt goes through this otherwise you will not be able to change speed.
  7. Replace the mat.
  8. Enjoy your vinyl!!
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